Animal welfare policy

Ísteka complies with applicable Icelandic animal welfare law and regulations.
Ísteka is committed to apply highest ethical and animal welfare standards related to husbandry and veterinary care to all horses in our reach and to implement refinement processes for all work using animals at Ísteka or on behalf of Ísteka and by that improve the quality of animal life and to reduce their burden as applicable. The following shall be adhered to:
Horses are provided with suitable environment in natural surroundings.
Horses are provided with suitable nutrition.
Horses are allowed to exhibit normal behavior patterns. Mares are mated with stallions. Foals are allowed with mares. Abortion is not allowed.
Only full-grown healthy mares are used as blood donors.
Horses are protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease.
Additionally, we will work to advance the following related to animal welfare:
Continually prevent injury and health issues.
Continually manage health and safety risks.
Continually improve preventive measures. 
Ensure competent work is done by providing clear guidance and information, and adequate training as applicable. 
Communicate this policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the company and to the public.
Review and revise this policy regularly. 
Officially approved 14.09.2023