Welfare of animals ensured

Regulated activity

Facilities with farm animals must fulfil requirements in line with law no 55/2013 on animal welfare and law 38/2013 on livestock keeping and they are inspected regularly by MAST (The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority).
The blood collection is according to MAST requirements.

A veterinarian is responsible for the blood extraction. Veterinarians work according to applicable laws and regulations and veterinary ethics. The welfare of the animals is of the utmost importance.

Veterinary oversight

Only licensed veterinarians may extract blood from the mares.
The veterinarian evaluates the health and condition of the mares before each extraction.
The veterinarian ensures the safety and wellbeing of the mare during and after the blood extraction.


Farms/sites are inspected regularly by MAST which evaluates the facilities and health and wellbeing of the horses.
Blood collection facilities and the welfare of mares are regularly audited by Ísteka.

Deviation management

Deviations are reported, recorded and handled according to current regulations.